Our Core Values


We recognize each other’s efforts in achieving our organizational goals
and find ways to celebrate our successes.
We consider each other’s contributions, time, and feelings
by acknowledging each other and saying, “thank you.”


Encouragement and Support

We encourage and support others to learn and grow to achieve their dreams. We give explanations, not orders. As we lead and inspire, we use every opportunity to teach, not just tell.



We advocate for youth and families so that we can make our communities better. We chose to believe the best about youth and have the privilege of platform to speak for those who often have no voice.



We work together with youth, families, volunteers, staff, community partners, and state and local government to achieve exceptional results. We rally together as a team to respond to challenges.



We are passionate about serving youth, families and communities. We care deeply for those we labor with to bring about positive change. We have fun, keep a sense of humor and enjoy working together.


We are driven to accomplish the seemingly impossible. We use technology, feedback and experience to seek powerful solutions to difficult problems facing our communities. We embrace risk and are willing to learn.



We create an atmosphere of shared understanding through honesty and trust by openly communicating with one another. We resolve our conflicts rather than complaining to others or withdrawing. Everyone – youth, families, volunteers, staff – should be heard, respected, valued and treated fairly.



Excellence happens by attending carefully to the small tasks, delivering on our commitments, presenting ourselves to others professionally and personably, maintaining our facilities and modeling program fidelity.



As leaders in our field, we are committed to continuous learning and improvement. We challenge ourselves to ask questions, seek creative solutions, and embrace new ideas that lead to better outcomes.



We are accountable for our actions. We do not deflect responsibility. We admit our errors, own our mistakes and learn from them; then we move forward.