SHIFT connects court-involved youth to meaningful community service and restitution opportunities that enhance social skills, facilitate connections with positive adults in the community, promote civic engagement and help participants develop a more positive sense of self.

Participants may earn credit in one of three ways:

1) SHIFT staff will schedule and facilitate weekly service opportunities and provide encouragement and guidance as well as model teamwork and diligence throughout these outings. Transportation from established stops may be provided by SHIFT for these opportunities if needed.

2) SHIFT empowers participants to take responsibility for completing required hours on their own by establishing community partners and providing a list of opportunities available at locally approved work-sites that will be supervised by that agency’s staff.

3) SHIFT allows credit to be earned for pre-approved parent/participant identified service experiences that benefit the community and/or activities that result in the participant becoming a more positively contributing member of the community.

Note: Participants ordered to pay monetary restitution may earn credit through completing community service hours at a rate of $5 per hour. Maximum restitution to be earned is $500 unless special circumstances warrant alternative arrangement between the DJJ and Program Manager.